Masters of International Relations Degree Program

The Legislative Leadership Institute Academy of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with Irish American University, offers a Masters of International Relations degree program. The program is designed for policymakers, appointed officials and military officers wishing to further their foreign policy expertise and expand their network of global contacts at key points in their public service.

The two year program includes compulsory study-abroad experiences, with programs hosted in the Republic of Ireland, the United States of America, Switzerland, and Rwanda. Interim course work is completed through a distance learning program.

Program Highlights

Rwanda, Africa
Decimated by genocide, this central African nation is not only rebuilding, it is thriving. The curriculum includes an in-depth examination of the genocide; an exploration of Rwanda's emerging enterprises; educational, health and public safety initiatives; the criminal justice system; history; governance and ecotourism.

The United States of America
New York City, Washington DC and the state of Mississippi will provide the backdrop for coursework which includes the stock market and global finance; trade and commerce; diplomatic and military relations; the United Nations; US history and governance. The program features a special unit on crisis management including firsthand accounts from leaders who navigated some of the worst attacks by both nature and man: September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Katrina.

The curriculum runs the gamut from local, cantonal and federal government to direct democracy to international relations. The program will feature studies on international banking, taxation and finance; the United Nations, World Trade and World Health Organizations; and the humanitarian operations of the International Red Cross. A unit on energy will include a visit to the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Studies in Ireland include the Northern Ireland peace process, trade and commerce within the European Union, housing, transportation and infrastructure, climate change; social justice and the role of the media in public policy