Bertie Ahern, T.D.
Dáil Éireann, Republic of Ireland

Mr. Ahern holds the distinction of being the second-longest serving Taoiseach (Prime Minister) in Irish history. Elected in 1997, he became the youngest person to have held the powerful post. Ahern was one of the major engineers of the so-called "Irish Miracle" which, over the span of a decade, helped to shift the focus and balance of trade on the island from an emphasis on mostly agrarian and cottage industries to that of a noted industrial and technological exporter.

Mr. Ahern has served as the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Minister of Labour, Minister of Finance, President of the European Union (EU) Council of Ministers for Social Affairs, and Tánaiste ( Deputy Prime Minister). In 1994, he was elected sixth leader of Fianna Fáil. Under Ahern's leadership Fianna Fáil led three coalition governments.

Ahern resigned as Taoiseach on May 6, 2008 and was succeeded by then Minister for Finance Brian Cowen. He continues to serve in Dáil Éireann Dail, and remains one of the most influential decision makers in all of Europe.

Mr. Ahern was instrumental in negotiating the Good Friday Peace Agreement between the Republic of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain.

General Tommy Franks ( Ret.)
United States of America

As a distinguished graduate of the Artillery Officer Candidate School, Tommy Franks was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and sent to Viet Nam in 1967.

His service in Viet Nam earned him six awards for Valor and three Purple Hearts. That assignment was the start of a long and distinguished career that would take him for one world hot spot to another - from West Germany at the height of the Cold War to the Demilitarized Zone in Korea, to the deserts of Arabia-where he gained the knowledge and experience that would prepare him for the leadership role that would mark his place in the annals of American History.

In June 2000, he was promoted to four-star General and assigned as Commander-in-Chief, United States Central Command. It's in this position that the world knows Tommy Franks best - the culmination of an almost four-decade military career that saw him lead American and Coalition troops in two strategically unprecedented campaigns in two years - Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

The General's awards include five Distinguished Service Medals, four Legions of Merit, four Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts in addition to numerous foreign awards. He was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) by order of Her Majesty Queen

First Lady Jeannette Kagame
Republic of Rwanda

During her tenure as First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame has earned worldwide accolades for her tireless work to promote education, development and public health initiatives throughout Africa. In 2009, Mrs. Kagame was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Oklahoma Christian University for her significant global contributions to fight HIV/AIDS.

Mrs. Kagame was appointed by the World Health Organization as the High Representative of the Africa AIDS Vaccine Program (AAVP), to ensure the active participation of African stakeholders in all areas of HIV and AIDS vaccine research and development.

Mrs. Kagame also serves on the boards of numerous international organizations, including the Friends of the Global Fund Africa, the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise and the Global Coalition of Women against HIV and AIDS.